Three Tips to Ace Virtual Interviews

Virtual interviewing has been a common feature of MBA programs since 2020. While video interviewing is efficient, it comes with its own set challenges and etiquette.

Judith Silverman Hodara is Fortuna Admissions director and was previously acting director of MBA Admissions for the Wharton School. She recently shared some tips and insights into how applicants can prepare for virtual interviews.

Be professional, but also be a good listener

Many B-schools expect professionalism when interviewing candidates. Hodara suggests business casual as the standard dress code.

It doesn't matter how absurd it might seem to dress up for a phone call in your living area, you won't feel awkwardly OVERdressed. But you may feel awkwardly UNDERdressed, Karen Hamou, an MBA admissions coach at Fortuna Admissions writes. The interview is about authenticity. If you feel uncomfortable wearing a tie, then go with your gut.


Outside noise is often a barrier to virtual communication. Hodara suggests finding a quiet place and using headphones to enhance sound.

Hodara writes that your voice should sound clear and easy-to-hear when speaking at a normal volume and pitch. Your computer settings should be updated regularly - Zoom makes frequent changes and requires that you update in order to work optimally. Make sure your microphone works properly, and that the audio settings on your computer are up-to-date. Make sure you test the link before you try to open it during the call. How to Ace Pick 3