How to feel lucky

Richard Wiseman, a well-known and influential researcher that changed how people think about luck gave several subjects a paper and instructed them to count the pictures. Pre-study interviews showed that those who thought they were unlucky took several minutes to go through each page, counting every image. People who were lucky took only seconds. How? Wiseman wrote, in a font of two inches high, on the second page of the paper: "Stop counting." There are 43 photos. "[1] Being lucky is about being open to opportunities for luck.

You can define luck. What are your definitions of luck? The roots of luck are your dreams and goals. One person may feel lucky to pass an exam, another in having his cancer go away, and another in winning her first golf hole. You can feel lucky by identifying your deepest desires. This is a different feeling for everyone. You will have a greater chance of achieving your goals and getting the results you desire. These goals are only possible if you have faith.

You may feel unhappy if you don't know what you want, or what you can do. The first step to getting there is to decide where you want.

Some people might find it easier to start with a five year plan. Others might have to start smaller. What are you looking for today? What are you hoping to achieve from Wednesday? This can be a daily practice.

You should focus on the things that will make your life better on an emotional level and not on a surface level. You will increase your chances of success if you not only focus on the one-in-a million chance but also make the most of every opportunity to achieve your goals. You can trust your luck if you want financial security. It's all fine to want to win the lottery. But, you must win! Don't invest too much in lottery tickets. Instead, look for ways to save money and invest.

Unluckiness can result from a setback, delay, or failure to achieve your goals. For example, you get laid off. Or get into a car accident. Your strawberry crop is destroyed. Realize that there are not always many successes in life. Focusing on the positive, no matter how small, will help you see the opportunities that exist and be grateful for them.