Five Ways to Find Lucky Numbers for the Lottery

You want to purchase a lottery ticket. But which numbers should be chosen? You can choose numbers that you feel lucky to pick your lottery numbers. This is a lot more enjoyable and satisfying than just having a computer pick your numbers. Where do you find those lucky numbers?

Here are five ways you can find numbers that resonate with your soul if you don't have any.


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Traditional Lucky Numbers are a good option

Seven is considered lucky in many parts of the world. According to Alex Bellos, the number seven is the most sought-after lucky number worldwide.

It's not surprising, given its popularity, that there are seven days in a week, seven wonders and seven seas. There are also seven continents and seven seas.

Seven isn't the only lucky number. Three is another traditional lucky number from all over the globe, as in "good luck comes in threes". Eight is lucky in Japan and China, while four is the preferred number for Germany. This list of Lucky Numbers from Around the World will help you choose lucky numbers that are favorable to your heritage or homeland.

Be aware that traditional lucky numbers are not always the best option for your lottery numbers. Many other people will also be using them. This means that you have a high chance of splitting the jackpot if your numbers win.

Make your own meaningful lucky numbers

It is a popular way to buy lottery tickets. You might choose numbers that are significant to you, such as your birthday or your marriage anniversary.

There are many numbers that have personal meanings beyond dates. You might consider the number of pets or the number of rooms in your childhood home lucky.

Dates have the same problem as popular numbers when it comes to choosing lottery numbers. Many people choose them. However, dates are often among the most sought-after lottery numbers so it may make sense to play them.

To find Lucky Numbers, Use Numerology

Numerology refers to the belief that numbers resonate in such a way as to give them spiritual properties. These resonances can be used to determine lucky numbers or lucky days for you to win the lottery.

Numerology can be used in many ways to identify lucky numbers. One way is to create a table that has the numbers 1-9 at the top, and one letter per column below. Thus A = 1, B= 2, etc. You'd wrap around the ninth letter I so that J = 1, B = 2, and so forth.

Next, enter the letters of your name and get one digit for every letter. To get a lucky number, add these digits together. This can be done for your first and your last names, as well as for the consonants and vowels of your name.

You could also choose to take names or phrases from favorite books.

You can play around until you find the right combination for you.

Horoscopes Offer Lucky Numbers Daily

Your daily horoscope can help you find lucky numbers, without you having to mess with numerals.

Numerous horoscopes provide predictions about which days are lucky for you. You can even play the lottery on these days. You will also find a list with lucky numbers for each day, week, and month.

These sites will help you find lucky numbers online.

Lucky Numbers Horoscope

Scientific Psychic


Don't forget to include lucky numbers in fortune cookies!

Lucky Number Generators

A generator is the best way to find lucky numbers that you can play. Lucky number generators can be used to determine numbers by using numerology or randomness.

Here are some options for you to try a lucky number generator:

Ask the Oracle


Lottery Pros

What is the difference between a lucky number generator and letting the lottery pick your numbers quickly? It comes down to your personal preference.

Follow your intuition

Sometimes it can be fun for your subconscious to do the work. You can let your intuition choose your lucky numbers by finding a quiet spot with a pencil or paper. Take deep, slow, steady breaths.

Next, write down each number you remember. Once you have enough, go through them and let us know what you think. You can always try again until you find the set that you like.

You can make it even more random by writing down the numbers on a piece paper. Close your eyes and let your pencil touch each number. You can circle the numbers that you find and see if you feel lucky.

Warning about Lottery Strategies

It can be fun to find and play lucky numbers. But, like all lottery systems they won't give you an advantage in winning a prize.

Mathematically, each number has a chance to be chosen as a winner. These tips are not intended to be used for any purpose other than entertainment. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Enjoy them and don't gamble more than you can afford.

You can find out more about luck and the strange origins of many of our lucky superstitions.