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American Bingo

Card Description: A fun game of bingo will be held to celebrate the United States Flag Day. These cards have familiar words such as Betsy Ross, Stripes, Stars, and Stripes, but also some new words that can be searched before you play or taught during the game. Print these cards and start playing United States Flag Bingo.

These cards all focus on American Flag Bingo. These bingo cards have words such as "American Flag Bingo" and you can make cards like this using BingoCardCreator

How to Play American Flag Bingo Bingo Card Cards

Print and play American Flag Bingo. Customize your American Flag Bingo cards or start from scratch.

Each player should receive one card.

When you print your American Flag Bingo, you can randomly call out words from the cut-aprt list. You can call out the word, or provide a more detailed clue.

Players can mark the word on their cards.

Grab your prize bag! The winner is the player who marks all words in a row, column, or diagonal.

Timing tips:

The length of a bingo game depends on how fast you read the clues and how many people you have. The game will end faster if you read the clues faster (e.g. for students older or more experienced) or if there are more players. A bingo game should be played for between 20 and 30 minutes. Although they may end before the fourth word is called, it's very rare. I recommend that you continue playing even if the game ends earlier than you anticipated. Nearly 90% of bingo games that have a 25-word list will end within seven to eleven words. This means that 25 players who are playing bingo will get their first call in 7 to 11.

Tip for Card Customization:

To change the size of your bingo card, you can use Bingo Card Creator. This is a great option if you don't have much time or for younger people.

To make a personalized bingo game, you can use Bingo Card Creator.

Words List For American Flag Bingo Bingo Cards