Euro Millions Lottery

The EuroMillions draw will be live on Tuesdays at 22.25 (GMT + 1) on ORF2 or Fridays at 22.35 (GMT + 1) via FDJ (La Francaise Deux Jeux). This website will allow you to view the lottery results faster. We will immediately post the lottery results online after we draw the numbers. This allows you to instantly compare your numbers with those that won. We also archive all previous results, so you can view any old results in our results archive. You have 180 days to redeem your ticket after you draw the lottery numbers. The prize will be donated to charity or other worthy causes after the 180-day period. You don't have to worry about this when you submit an internet poll.


EuroMillions can be found in all European countries. Because of its high jackpots, it is extremely popular. The prize money can start at EUR 17 millions, with the Jackpot of EUR 193 million being no exception. There are now more winners thanks to the Special Jackpot Bonus option.

The player chooses five main numbers, which can range from 1 to 50. From a pool of 12 numbers, the player chooses two lucky star numbers.

From 50 numbers (1-50), 5 main numbers can be chosen.

You can choose 2 numbers from 12 options (1 - 12).

To win the largest European jackpot, purchase your EuroMillions tickets online. What are you waiting for? You can win up to EUR190million euro by choosing 5 numbers and 2 Lucky Stars numbers.