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How to play bingo

Select how many numbers you want to play at the beginning of Bingo. You can win more by playing more bingo cards. Next, choose how many numbers to extract. This is the number that will randomly be selected during the game. Next, place your wagers. However, you can only put one dollar per number cards. Once you are ready, click on play to begin. Click play again to start the free bingo games. Pay close attention to numbers that have been randomly selected and make sure you click them on your bingo cards. You win if you can complete a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row of numbers. The number in the middle of the bingo card is a free number. If you win, you can say bingo loud if you wish; we won’t judge.

We wish you good luck and hope that you will enjoy the free online version!


This is the 75-ball American classic bingo game that you love and it is available online for free. You can place your bets to win with as many as four bingo cards.

Bingo Fun Facts

There are two versions of Bingo: the American and British. The British version of bingo dates back to 16th century. It was derived from Il Gioco del Lotto d'Italia, an Italian lottery. The spread of bingo to France, Great Britain, and other European countries was possible from there. However, the American version of bingo was created in 1920 and was initially called 'Beano. The game was first played at carnivals. A traveling New York toy seller by the name Edwin Lowe changed its name to Bingo, created approximately 6,000 unique bingo cards, and distributed it to homes across the country.

Edwin Lowe was also the one who developed and distributed Yahtzee. In 1973, his company was sold to Milton Bradley for $26 Million.

Bingo is a popular game in churches. This can also be traced back to Lowe. A priest from Pennsylvania approached Lowe shortly after distributing the first game. He wanted to use Bingo to raise funds for his church. After a few years, about 10,000 bingo-based games for churches were being played every week by 1930.

Many casinos offer the chance to play bingo. Lowe built the Tallyho Inn, a casino hotel located on the Las Vegas Strip. Today, $4.6 billion is spent each year in North America.

Have fun playing online bingo!