How to identify authentic casino poker chips

It is essential to know how to identify genuine casino poker chips if you are a collector of poker chips. You could lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you don't know what to look out for and how to spot it. This guide will provide basic information about how to accomplish this task.

Step 1

To identify authentic casino poker chips, you must first learn as much about the chips and the casino you are interested in. Although many casinos are owned and managed by large corporations, each casino has its own set of chips. This is due to the fact each casino has a specific amount of funding that backs every chip. Most casinos will not accept chips from other casinos. This rule is rarely broken, but casinos in Nevada and Las Vegas are the exception to it.

Step 2

It is important that you understand that authentic casino chips can be crafted in a way that incorporates security features. The highest quality chips will have artwork integrated into their design. There are often many combinations of colors used on the edges of chips. These are called "edge spots". It is essential to be able to determine if poker chips were authenticated by a casino.

Step 3

You must find out if there are any UV markings on poker chips. These markings are usually visible on the inlay. You will find many poker chips you can collect in combination with "RFID" technology.

It stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. For the purpose of authenticating and protecting poker chips, there are machines that can put a tag common to this technology on them. You can determine if the chip you are dealing is genuine by looking for a RFID tag. Special equipment can be used for identification if there is.

Step 4

Casinos often release limited editions or special themed poker chips throughout a year. It is in your best interests to be familiar with the releases if you are a collector. This will allow you to verify that the poker chips are genuine. For more information on authentic casino poker chips, please visit the "Resources” section below. It contains valuable and informative links. Where to Buy Vintage Casino Poker Chips