The basics of playing Keno

Keno Regular

Choose your favourite numbers.

Choose 1-15 of your lucky numbers between 1 and 80. Send your slip of betting to the

Mark the numbers with a keno caddie at your table or at keno station.

With an "X."

Place your bet at a keno counter.

In the box marked "Total Price", write your wager amount in dollars.

Upper right corner of the slip. Mark your ticket "Regular" and then get

Ready to place your bet? Take your money and your slip of betting slip to the

keno station. The keno writer will take your money and your slip. The

Your computer-generated keno ticket will be provided by the keno writer.

As the numbers are selected, you can watch the game.

Take your keno ticket to your table and sit back. Take a look at these things

The TVs and keno boards that display the keno game. Watch the 20

Numbers are chosen... the 20 numbers are chosen approximately every other day.

5 minutes.

Check your ticket

Look at the 20 keno numbers that were drawn to find out how many you have.

Numbers were chosen ("HIT")

If you choose 2 numbers and "HIT" 1 of them,

You win 50c, and if you "HIT", both your numbers, you'll win $10

You can win $1 if you choose 3 numbers and "HIT" 2 numbers. If you choose to "HIT" 2 of your 3 numbers, you will win $1.

You "HIT" all three of your numbers and you win $46

Take your computer-generated Keno ticket back to collect your winnings

Your winnings will be paid to the keno writer and the keno station.

It's that simple! Grab a slip of betting and mark your lucky numbers.

Give it a shot!

Other Popular Keno Games

You can also play other games than regular keno. Shake it

You can also try out other keno variations, such as:


You can mark your ticket with the amount you want to place, such as "TOP,"

You can choose to hit "BOTTOM", "RIGHT" or, "LEFT". If you hit 12, you win!

Sweet Sixteen

Mark your Sweet 16 ticket and choose 16 numbers. You can bet as high as $2.

You can win depending on how many of your 16 numbers you have.

From $16.00 to $25,000

Big Bang

Mark your ticket "BB" and choose 3 to 5 numbers. You can place a wager of $1 or $3

get an even bigger bang for your bet!


Mark your ticket with "CA" and choose 2-6 numbers. You can win $1.25 by placing a wager

You will be much more successful if all the numbers are picked. However, you must "HIT ALL" them all.

This bet will pay out in numbers

No-Lose 17 Spot Special

Mark your ticket "No Loss 17 Spot" and choose 17 numbers. It costs $3

You'll win money if you place a bet on this game.



Mark your ticket "Quarters" and choose 1 to 15 numbers. The game comes with a $1 wager.

Minimum ticket with a minimum bet of 25 cents per game or way.

Penny Arcade Keno

These tickets come pre-programmed so that you don't have to mark them.

You don't need to put any numbers on your Keno ticket. Instead, mark your ticket with one

Below are the numbers for special tickets. The number and price

Selections are displayed on orange and yellow special game cards

keno caddie on your table. Simply enter the number of games you want

To play and the total amount you wager (#gamesX cost/game).

Mark your keno ticket:

Penny's #27 on Verticals

Penny's #28 Boxes

Penny's #29 For 3's and 6's

Penny's #30 in 10-Spot

For more information about these games, see the Keno Pay Book

Promotional game tickets

Way Tickets

A keno ticket's "way" is just one chance to win. Remember this.

One "way" can win.

You can have many tickets with the "way" ticket.

Chances ("ways") to win every keno ticket printed, instead of just one

Multiple tickets can be printed for the same amount of chances

"Winning ways"