How to play online bingo


Real bingo is played in halls. There may be variations in the rules, payouts, and play styles of bingo halls. You can request documents of any type (pamphlets or hall rules, etc.) that detail the games, rules, and payouts available at each location.

Bingo players purchase cards that have numbers printed on them in a 5-x-5 pattern that corresponds with the five letters of the word B-I–N-G–O. The caller then draws numbers such as I-19 and 0-65. These numbers are randomly drawn. There are 75 possible American Bingo numbers, while there is a possibility of 90 in European Bingo known as Tombola. The process continues until one player gets a Bingo, which is a line of cards with five numbers, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Bingo wins the prize.

Bingo Cards

A bingo card contains 24 spaces with numbers, and one blank space. Each card has 24 spaces with numbers printed randomly. The numbers are arranged in five columns of five number each. This makes it a 5x5 card that contains 25 spaces, including the blank square. All numbers in the column B are between 1-15. All numbers in the I column range from 16 to 30. The N column has four numbers and one space. The G column contains numbers between 46-60. Finally, numbers in the O column range between 61 and 75.

There are thousands of cards available for players to choose from, so no two people in the hall will have the exact same set.

You will hear the numbers being called quickly. Pay attention to what numbers are called, and mark them on your cards quickly and accurately. You can play multiple numbers at once!

The caller will keep calling numbers until someone calls BINGO! The caller will stop calling numbers and verify that all covered numbers have been verified. If the winner is confirmed, the prize is awarded. A new bingo game will be started using all new cards. If more than one person wins, they will call out simultaneous bingo and split the prize.

Las Vegas and Online bingo

Las Vegas offers many variants of the standard bingo game, including Coverall Bingo, Six Pack, and Letter X. Some casinos offer progressive payouts up to $10,000. Progressive play can sometimes take a while, so be patient.

Online bingo allows you to randomly select your cards. Online games usually give you three to four cards. Some games allow you to take more cards, but sometimes you have to pay extra. Each online bingo game features a caller and a display board that displays the numbers. Also displayed is the game pattern. Some games mark your cards automatically for you.

Online Bingo Halls

You can play pay-to-win online bingo or free online bingo. You don't need any software. You can either play online from your browser or download an application. There are two types of game sites: one and multi-game. Before you can play, it is important to know which one you're entering.

To gain speaking experience, I joined a multi-game free site and started my play. This is my story, almost in real-time.

Be prepared to sign up for an account, even if you're playing free bingo. Each time you log in, you will need to create one. There may be a king of points system or a tallying method that shows how well you did.

Once you create an account, you are free to play in the bingo halls of that site as many times as you wish.

When I first entered, I decided to go with Classic Five in A Row. Independence was the card theme that I chose. My first game was where I kept track of four cards. It was easy and almost like playing in a hall except that the caller would shout numbers and have to switch between the cards and the board.

It was pleasant, despite the annoying ads and occasional pop-ups trying to convince me to pay for it,

Online bingo can be a lot of fun and is relatively safe.

Online Bingo Terms and Definitions

Admission Packet: A minimum amount of online bingo cards you need to purchase in order to pay admission. The exact contents of the Admission Packaget vary from one hall to another.

Blackout - (Also Coverall) A design where you must cover all of the card in order to win.

Online Bingo Board – A display board that lights up and displays each number as it's called.

Online Bingo Card - This card contains 24 numbers and one blank space. You can play BINGO with it. Each card has five columns with five numbers per row and five columns. The total number of numbers is 25. The B column contains numbers between 1 and 15, the I column has between 16 and 30, the I column contains four numbers and the blank space, the N column has between 31 and 45, the G column between 46 to 60, and the O column between 61 to 75.

Bonanza Bingo is a progressive coverall Jackpot game that is often played as the thirteenth game in a session. The session begins with 45 numbers being drawn. Players mark the numbers on separate cards and then set them aside. This game is usually $1 extra. The countdown starts at 48 numbers and goes up to 52 numbers per week until the winner is determined. Card sales are used to determine the amount of the jackpot.

Buy-in - Buy bingo cards or an admission packet (see above).

Caller - This is the person who calls the bingo numbers.

Chat Room - This is a handy monitor that allows you to read and exchange messages between other players.

Consolation Prize: The prize or prizes offered for special games that have no winners after a predetermined number.

Free Space - The middle square of a card that does not have a number. It is similar to a Joker, or a Wild square. It's your chance to win a winning pattern.

Game Board, Gameboard – An electronic display attached to the bingo board that shows the winning pattern for that game. It is shaped like a bingo card, and displays the type of bingo you're playing for that game. For example: four corners, chevron, regular, blackout, etc.

Game Room - Online games can be divided into game rooms.

G.T.I., T.E.D. A digital dauber system that allows you to play multiple packs at the same time. They usually have a rental fee, and one per player is permitted.

Hardway Bingo (Hardway Bingo) - This is straight-line bingo without using the free space.

Jackpot - A large prize for reaching a difficult pattern (e.g. a blackout) within a set number of balls.

Lucky Jar (or Cookie Jar), a container with cash. If you play bingo on the lucky number, you can win the contents.

Minimum Buy-In - This is the minimum amount that you have to spend in order to be eligible for prizes.

Money Ball - This number is drawn before the game and will double the player's winnings if they hit it.

Multiple Winners - There are multiple winners if more than one player is playing at once. The cash prize is split between them when this happens.

On - A player is considered to be on when one or more of the cards they are using does not contain a number for bingo.

On the Way - This is the game that you play on your way to the blackout. It is played on the same card as the blackout. The first game is played, then more numbers are called until the blackout.

Pattern - This is the shape that you cover on your card using called out numbers. Usually it is straight; horizontal, vertical, and diagonal.

Payout - A percentage of the sales paid out by the House.

Pattern for a Postage Stamp - Match four numbers to create a postage stamp (a grid of 2 x 2) in any one of the corners.

Progressive Jackpot – A Jackpot that grows until it is won.

Six-pack, Ninepack - Six numbers or nine numbers per block on one card.

Split Pot - This is a game where the winner splits the proceeds of the game (the Pot) with the House or bingo hall.

Texas Blackout – A variant of bingo. The first number called will either be odd or even. If the first number called was Even, all of your even numbers are wild (Jokers). All even numbers should be covered. Cover all odd numbers if the first number is Odd. The game ends with a blackout. Brochures and ads in bingo halls