These are the 5 Best Football Bets You Can Win

It's easy to wonder which bets are easiest to win when you first start betting on football. These bets have lower odds of winning, which means that they are less likely to win. This article will focus on five of the easiest and most difficult football bets.

What is an easy bet?

Simply put, easy betting is a bet that has a high likelihood of being right. This means that they have lower odds. Easy bets are bets with low risk and high reward.

Bets that have a 50% chance for being right might have odds of 2.00. Many easy bets have odds as low at 1.05, which indicates a higher than 95% chance that they will win!

These are the 5 Best Football Bets You Can Win

Here are five easy football wagers that are highly likely to be correct.


Over/Under is one the easiest football betting options. This bet allows one to speculate about whether a match will have more or less goals (Over/Under). You can increase your chances of winning an Over/Under bet if there are fewer goals than you bet. 0.5), and an Under bet on a high number (e.g. 6.5).

To win a bet on Over 0.25 goals, you need at least one goal to be scored in a football match lasting 90 minutes. This is not a difficult task for many teams of football, so the odds for winning can be as low at 1.04.

On the other hand, you can place a betting on Under 6.5 goals. You'll win as long as there are no more than six goals during the match.

2. First Half over/Under

One variation of the Over/Under wager is First (or second) Half Over/Under. This bet, which is named after the fact that it speculates on the number and goals scored in either the first or the second half of a match, is called First (or Second) Half Over/Under.

These bets are more likely than Full-match Over/Under because they have a fixed time limit (one match). Although they are less likely to be correct than full-match Over/Under bets, the odds of First or Third Half Over bets on low goals and First and Second Half Under bets on high goals have a good chance.

3. Double Chance

Double Chance is another simple football betting option. It allows you two or more possible outcomes to a match. Double Chance has three possible outcomes:

Draw or home: Home team wins.

Draw or Away: The away side wins or the match finishes in a draw

Home or away: Away or home, the home team wins.

Double Chance gives you the opportunity to place a bet on more than one outcome. It's far more likely to win than a straight Home or Away bet. Depending on which team is stronger, odds for Draw or Home bets or Draw or away bets may drop to as low as 1.10 or lower depending on their strengths.

4. Draw No Bet

Draw No Bet allows for you to bet on a team winning while protecting yourself from a draw. This means that if the result of the draw is a match, your bet will be cancelled and your money returned. Draw No Bet is easier to win than regular Home and regular Away bets.

5. Both Teams to Score

Some matches, especially those with two aggressive teams have the possibility of both teams scoring. This can make it possible for Both Teams To Score to win.