Multiple-Time Lottery Winners to Beat the Odds

CBS2 reported last week that Bruce Magistro won a second million-dollar scratch-off lottery ticket. Is it luck, or can there be a strategy for winning scratch-offs?

Maurice DuBois, CBS2's chief executive officer, reveals how to increase your chances of winning big.

Magistro was one in two billion likely to win another scratch-off jackpot. But, he did it last week.

Magistro stated, "It's just a coincidence."

Is it coincidence, luck, karma or a fluke? Or do repeat winners really know how to beat scratch-offs at home?

Richard Lustig has won seven times. His secret is to buy at least 10 tickets consecutively from the same roll.

Lustig stated, "Every time that you keep playing and keep losing, you get closer."

Let's take an example: Your initial odds of winning are 1 in 3. The next ticket on the roll with a higher chance of winning is the one you bought if the loser was purchased.

According to this multiple-time winner, it's all about using the rules of probability.

He said, "Buy the entire roll."

He's spending $3,000 today on scratch-offs, and he expects to win up to 60% of that money back.

He said, "You never know what you might find," and that it could be the winning ticket.


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Yolanda Vegas, spokesperson for the New York Lottery, stated that some people won't buy scratch-off tickets to play new games.

Vega stated that they believe there are more prizes for the newer games.

No matter how old or new, you should always verify the website of the lottery commission before buying to ensure that the jackpot and other top prizes are not yet paid out.

She said that "a lot of people purchase the $1-to-2 tickets."

75% of scratch-off sales are $1 or $2. However, the lower the ticket the better the odds. Your chance of winning Lucky 7's $1 ticket is 1 in 4.

The $20 Lucky 7's Playbook offers a 1 in 2 chance to win.

Another multiple-time winner stated, "I've won many,"

Her lucky charm? She buys her tickets at the Yonkers store.

She said, "This is a fortunate store."

It has sold the most winning tickets within the region, but the owner stated that it is less luck-related and more about volume.

The store owner stated that they rotate more tickets so that there are more winners.

You have to be there to win it, as they say.

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Another tip: Never throw away your winning scratch. You could still win money by a second chance at the lottery commission.