It is said that poker is a game where you can change gears. We have seen Nebojsa Blanusa's example in the Sydney Championships Main Event.

Blanusa started the day at the bottom of the chip counts, and he stayed there until the end. Blanusa was patient again at the final table. Blanusa was not a very interesting player. We did not have much to report on him and referred to him as the quiet type. Assuming he was content to ladder jump his way to the top of the prize pool.

We thought that heads-up would be quick so we assumed Lam would take his chip advantage and win. But, how wrong were we.

Blanusa was able to return to even with the double-ups, which showed some luck. However, this is poker. The important thing about the game is to make the most of every opportunity that you are given. Blanusa transformed into a different person when they got back to even and established his authority in this event.

Blanusa completely dominated Lam's head when he was up and ate away at his stack in a relentless fashion. Blanusa was only a matter time before he struck the decisive blow and became the 2018 Sydney Champion.

Ironically, while Blanusa was fierce in heads-up play it was Lam who would decimate the rest of final table. Lam was a one-handed wrecker ball, wreaking havoc upon anyone who stood in his way. Lam, a Kiwi-based player, eliminated the majority of the players at the final table and gained a significant chip lead. In fact, he had 6 players left and nearly had half the chips. Brian Lam performed admirably in the tournament. We will soon see him take down a major title.

Suzy Khoueis is the Star Poker Room's matriarch. Khoueis was 6th in the event last year, and she did even better this year by taking 5th. It was her 50th birthday today, which was a nice surprise. Suzy Khoueis seems to be at the end of the competition every time we report in Sydney. As her game grows and evolves, we will most likely see her lift the Main Event trophy in the near future.

Not today! Today, Nebojsa Blinusa is the man of the moment at the 2018 Sydney Championships Main Event.

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