Poker 101 - Beginners Guide to Poker

Poker 101 for beginners - where beginners can learn how to play poker.

Poker 101 will provide a foundation in the mechanics and help you to develop winning strategies. You can read the following pages for more information and tips.

You can also check out the Rules of Texas Holdem and the Hand Rankings of Poker if you have any questions.

  • Poker 101: What we Will Cover

  • Texas Holdem Strategy - Basics of Calling, Betting and Raising

  • The position is the king

  • Common mistakes

  • Limits, stakes, and types of poker games that can be played with real money

  • Terminology (below)

Poker 101 - Terms

For any language you don't understand, we will link to this page throughout Poker 101. Be on the lookout for hyperlinks!

6-max: A table that can accommodate up to 6 people. See 6max vs Fullring. This game type is more common than online play. Below is an example of a 6-max table:

Ante: A forced bet that is smaller than the blinds, which are often used later in tournaments to increase starting pot size.

Backdoor: Draw that requires two cards to complete. For example, the AK of Hearts on Th6s2d is two backdoor draws: two consecutive hearts for flushes and a Queen and Jack consecutively for straights.

Bankroll Management: All successful poker players must manage their bankroll. This involves managing your money to play poker so that you don't go broke. For more information, see the post on bankroll management.

Blind: The big blind refers to the forced bet that the player sitting two to the left from the dealer must place before he can see his cards. Before the game begins, the rules determine the big. The minimum stake for poker is BB. See Position is King for more information.

Board: The community cards that everyone shares, i.e. the river and flop turn

Blank: A hand that does not alter the strength or board position of any of the hands played is likely to be held. A T96 board would consider a two a "blank."

Blocker: A card that you have on your hand and which is needed by your opponent to make a strong hand. You could hold the Ace of Hearts on a board that has a heart flush possibility, for example.

Broadway: These cards range from Ace through Ten.

Chase: To call a wager with a drawing hand and the correct pot odds.

Chop: To divide the pot among two or more players based on similar holdings.

Flip or coin flip: Two players are all in when their equity is roughly equal. It is 50/50 that either player will win. AK vs.QQ all in preflop can be considered a flip despite QQ possessing slightly more equity. How to play poker